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Rohtang is the first pass after Manali and thousands of people visit it every day.  If you are planning to visit Manali or you are at Manali right now and you are thinking to visit the Mighty Rohtang Pass,  which is also the starting point and the first pass for the Leh Ladakh trip via Manali Ladakh Road. 

Then there are few things that you are required to know before you head towards the Rohtang.

To visit Rohtang Pass,  you will need to have a permit.  If you try to visit it without a permit then there is a check post at Gulaba and the guards will stop your vehicle beyond this point. 

Total number of 1300 permits are issued everyday,  and it is start on the first come basis. 

An important thing to know is that permit is issued per vehicle,  it’s not issued, person.  It means that if you and your friends or family are traveling in a car consisting of four people then you will need to have a permit of only one vehicle.

So 1300 permits means 1300 vehicles each day.

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Types of Permit for Rohtang Pass

S.IName of PermitPrice of PermitDescription of Permit
1Rohtang Pass PermitRs. 500 + Rs. 50Permit for both Commercial and Private Vehicles
2Special Rohtang Pass PermitRs. 500 + Rs. 50For Private Vehicles Only with white number Plate. Motorcycles cannot apply under this category
3Beyond Rohtant Pass PermitRs. 500 + Rs. 50No Limit for this Pass. If you want to travel to Ladakh, Spiti or Lahaul Valley
4Green TaxFrom Rs.100 to Rs.500For all vehicles entering Manali.

Documents Required for the Rohtang Permit Pass

The Documents required for applying for Rohtang Permit Pass are as follows:-

S.IDocuments Required for Rohtang Permit Pass
1Valid Photo ID Proof
2Valid Pollution Under Check (PUC)
3Vehicle Registration Card ( Age of Vehicle should not be more than 10 years )

How to get Rohtang Permit Pass Online

Since now everyone is using mobile and everything is done through the internet,  you can also get the Rohtang Permit Pass booked online.

To get the permit you need to visit the government’s web portal which is

You can book 6 days in advance and while booking the permit online you will have four options to choose from.

  • Rohtang Pass Permit.
  • Special Rohtang Pass Permit.
  • Beyond Rohtang Pass Permit.
  • Green Tax.

Success! You're on the list.
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How to Get Rohtang Permit Pass Offline

To get the Rohtang Pass permit offline,  you need to visit the SDM office in person.  You need to visit the office between 10 AM to 1 PM. and submit the documents that are required for the permit.

After submitting the documents there will be a inspection and after which the permits will be issued.

So you need to visit the office again from 3 PM. to 5 PM to collect your permit.

To be said this process takes the entire day just to get a permit. So its better to apply online through the website.

Rohtang Permit also comes with an app where you can check the validity of your permit and your vehicles eligibility, but the booking facility is not yet available.

permit for rohtang pass

How To Apply for Rohtang Permit

This pass is for vehicles that has a Yellow number plate, like a taxi. The booking for this permit opens at 10:00 HRS to 16:00 HRS ( Morning 10 AM to 4 PM Afternoon ).

There is a daily quota for booking this permit:-

  • Petrol Vehicles – 800
  • Diesel Vehicles – 400

Same to other permit, vehicles are not allowed on Tuesday and Permit cannot be booked.

S.IVehicle TypePrice of Permit FeePrice of Congestion Charges
2Small Cars / LMVRs.500Rs. 50
3MUV’sRs.500Rs. 50
4Buses & HMVRs.500Rs. 100

How To Apply for Special Rohtang Permit

Special Rohtang Pass Permit is for private vehicles that has white number plate. Although Motorcycles cannot apply for this permit.

You can apply for this permit at any time and book the permit in 6 days in advance. The permit is available in daily basis on the quota defined by National Green Tribunal(NGT)/District Administration.

This permit is valid for 1 day only and cannot be applied on Tuesday. The quota for private vehicle is 100 per day and is divided between 60 petrol vehicles and 40 Diesel Vehicles.

S.IVehicle TypePrice of Permit FeePrice of Congestion Charges
2Small Cars / LMVRs.500Rs. 50
3MUV’sRs.500Rs. 50
4Buses & HMVRs.500Rs. 100
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How To Apply for Beyond Rohtang Permit

This tax is valid for 1 day only and is applicable for all the vehicles that wants to cross Gulaba Bridge.

To apply for this permit, the best option is to apply online. The online portal is open 24 hours and the permit can be issued at any time you book.

The only thing you should know before booking is that the Permits are not issued on Tuesday.

1 Vehicle can have only 2 permits issued within a week and you must take a print out of the Permit for all permissions so that you can present the permit at checkposts.

All vehicles are required to pay Congestion Fees and the details of the vehicle should be accurately mentioned in the congestion fee slip.

If the details of the vehicle and the congestion slip doesn’t match, the vehicle will be stopped to cross the checkpoint.

S.IVehicle TypePrice of Congestion Fee
1Bike / MotorCyclesRs.50
2Small Cars / LMVRs.50
3Passenger VehiclesRs.50
4Goods VehiclesRs.10
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How To Apply for Green Tax

Green tax is compulsory and is applicable to all the vehicles entering Manali. This tax is paid by Vehicles that are not registered in the State of Himachal Pradesh.

The permit is valid for 7 days after issuing. Permits can be booked 9 days in advance.

You must have a print out of the permit as it is compulsory to show a printed version.

S.IVehicle TypePrice of Green Tax
1Bike / MotorCyclesRs.100
2Small Cars / LMVRs.200
3Passenger VehiclesRs.300
4Goods VehiclesRs.500

You can also book this permit online by visiting and clicking on Proceed for Online Payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Visit Rohtang Without Permit

Yes, you can visit Rohtang without a permit. You need to travel on the Government Bus – which is Himachal Pradesh Tourism government-run state transport buses or shared jeeps

Do I need any permits for traveling from Manali to Spiti Valley?

Yes, you need to get Beyond Rohtang Pass permit and pay the congestion fee of Rs 50

Do I need any permit for traveling from Manali to Leh Ladakh?

Yes, you need to get Beyond Rohtang Pass permit and pay the congestion fee of Rs 50

Do I need any permit for traveling from Leh Ladakh to Manali

No, You don’t need any permit to travel from Leh Ladakh to Manali

Do I need Rohtang Pass permits for bikes or motorcycles

Yes, both Rohtang Pass permit and Beyond Rohtang Pass permit congestion fees are required for bikes or motorcycles

How Many Vehicles are allowed to go Beyond Rohtang Pass?

It has a quota of 1200 Vehicles per day consisting of 800 petrol and 400 Diesel Vcehicles.

Can I travel to Ladakh on a 10-year-old car?

No, You cannot travel in a 10 years old car from Manali to Leh Ladakh but you can travel from Srinagar.

Can I get the Rohtang Pass permit on Sunday or Saturday

Yes, you can get the permit on Saturday and Sunday through Online or Offline by visiting SDM’s office.

But you cannot get a permit on Tuesday as the office are closed and travel is not allowed on Tuesday.
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Rohtang is one of the major tourist attractions near Manali and thousands of tourists visit it every day.

The problem that tourists face is how to apply and get the Permit for Rohtang Pass and so we have provided a complete tutorial on how to apply for the Permit.

If you have any queries, then you can comment down below or contact us on Instagram and facebook. You can also watch our videos on YouTube.